Benefits of Wholesale Wooden Toys

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If you're a retailer that deals with toys, you've probably come across a variety of products made from different materials. One option with timeless appeal is wood. Here are some of the benefits of wooden toys that will help make them attractive to customers.


Wooden toys are often more durable than plastic ones, and this makes them a better investment for parents. It means that toys can be enjoyed by multiple children with confidence; siblings and friends can enjoy the same one. Less sturdy toys, however, can only take so much treatment before they need to be replaced. Additionally, children can get distressed when a favourite toy breaks, and this is less likely to happen with a wooden one. Some wooden toys may even be kept for decades as treasured memories of childhood.


Wood can also be safer than some plastics, which can leach harmful chemicals. Also, because wooden toys are sturdy, they're less likely to break up into bits that can become a potential choking hazard. Wooden toys are often made of hardwoods such as beech and oak, sanded, and finished with a non-toxic oil. This means they don't develop splinters.

Educational Value

The design of wooden toys is often minimal and open-ended, which allows a child to play with them creatively and imaginatively. Plus, the pieces are easy to handle and have a tactile quality. Building blocks, towers, and animals are some options that allow a child to experiment, helping their dexterity and cognitive skills. You can get simple jigsaw pieces or parts that can be put together to build a complex log cabin, a rocket or a row of houses. In this way, wooden toys suit a variety of children with different interests.

Classic Appeal

Wooden toys have a classic charm that can appeal to adults' sense of nostalgia, encouraging them to purchase these toys for their children. Some wooden toys can become decorative pieces for a bookcase or mantlepiece in a child's bedroom.

Environmental Impact

Throw-away objects don't help the environment, as they add to the piles of garbage in landfills once they break, and this can be the problem with flimsy plastic toys. However, because wooden toys are long-lasting, they're less likely to fall apart and be tossed into the trash. You can choose wholesale wooden toys made with timber that is harvested from responsibly managed forests, which will help reduce any negative impact on the environment.

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