Useful ways to unleash your children with craft supplies

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If your children are into crafts, it can be easy to find yourself overwhelmed with the output of their craft supplies. Here are some ways that you can fill the school holidays with useful and attractive craft projects.


If you are due for a clean out of your child's winter wear it can be useful to keep any long pants or jumpers that are damaged beyond repair. Knit items can be unravelled to give you some affordable yarn for kids to practise yarn craft such as crochet and knitting. Extremely simple projects can include creating square pieces of knitted material which can be sewn together into quilts or blankets. Fleece items can be cut into squares and hemmed with a thick needle, which can also be used to create to quilts. These can easily be used at home as warm bed covers or throws, or are gratefully received by many charities for homeless or the destitute.


If you are planning a Christmas in July party, it's a fun idea to get the kids involved in making crackers. You can use recycled toilet rolls and fill them with small crafts such as small pictures, handmade jewellery and magnets featuring varnished leaves and nuts from the garden. You can them wrap the filled rolls in reused wrapping paper or the children's artwork.  You can then tie the end of the paper or artwork together to create a fun craft that can easily be used for your next celebration. 

Tie-dyed undies and socks

If you, like many parents, have a collection of unmatched socks, singlets and undies it can be fun to get the crafting urges to use in getting them matched. If you pull together all of your unmatched socks and tie them up with rubber bands, you can dip them in dye to create new circular 'tied-dye' patterns. It's a great way to breathe new life into greyed and unmatched clothing by creating new and vibrant patterns. It's loads of fun for the kids to see the patterns that develop, particularly if you have different batches of clothes dye to help you develop fun patterns of mixed and single colours in the tie dye pattern. 

The middle of the year holidays are a great time to spend some time with your kids doing crafts. By choosing the right projects you can get some useful products that can be used by your household or other needy people.