Get Creative With These Personalised Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

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Gift giving can be incredibly taxing at times. Whether for Christmas, birthdays or another special occasion, choosing the perfect gift can be difficult, time consuming and costly. So if you've been struggling to select a perfect present, sifting through endless shops and catalogues, or simply don't even know where to begin your search, stop. Use these simple ideas to create a personalised, unique gift that will leave the recipients overwhelmed at your creativity and genuinely appreciative of your fabulous present.

1. Make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece

If you're handy with a paint brush, get to work. Use a canvas (or several), and design a unique piece of art work that would fit perfectly in the home of the intended recipient. If your gift is for close family members or friends, you have the advantage of knowing the recipient's tastes and colour schemes throughout their home, and therefore can easily tailor your masterpiece accordingly. Not only will you be gifting a unique, bespoke piece of artwork, but you're also showing the recipient that you have put time, effort and thought into their chosen gift.

If painting and entire piece is slightly beyond your remit, then try a simple print instead or maybe use some embellishments to create a decoupage piece. The great thing about this gift is that your imagination is your only limitation.

2. Brilliant bits and bobs

A relatively simple idea (that will be much appreciated), is to grab an empty mason jar and fill it with bits and bobs that the recipient would like and use. If they're interested in nail art, neatly arrange a few polishes, nail files, some cotton balls, etc. inside a mason jar for a stylish but functional present. This idea can be adapted for almost any interest the recipient may have: make up, coffee, sewing, stationery.The list is endless. For added flare, use ribbon or yarn to decorate the jar and give a gift that looks just as good, or better, than one bought at an expensive, high end boutique.

3. Personalise a plush toy

If your gift is intended for a child, why not give a personalised soft toy? Relax, it's not as complicated as it sounds. Teddy bears or other stuffed animals can be cheaply purchased from plush toy wholesalers. All you need are a few buttons, ribbons or thread to turn a plain old plush toy into something personalised and unique. Maybe stitch in their name or add embellishments in their favourite colour? But remember, avoid anything too small for young babies, as tiny buttons etc will be a choking hazard. For your adult children or grandchildren, try dressing a teddy bear in their old baby clothes for a sentimental gift that's sure to pull on the heartstrings. 

4. Get baking some edible creations

For a ridiculously easy gift, but one that is sure to be enjoyed by all, try baking a few cupcakes or cookies and using personalised labels when packaging them up. If you have a recipe that's your particular speciality, put those skills to good use and give a gift that everyone can enjoy, young and old. On a cautionary note however, ensure the recipient or anyone else that may enjoy your edible creations, do not have any allergies to the ingredients.