Why You Should Have Your Needlework Framed

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If you are interested in cross-stitching and other needleworking projects, then you might always be working on some project or another. You might have completed a lot of projects over the years, but you might have never thought about having your needlework framed. Many people don't have their needlework framed, but this doesn't mean that you shouldn't. After all, framing can be done on more than portraits and paintings, and it's a great idea for your needleworking projects for the following reasons.

Protect It

First of all, you might have worked really hard on your latest cross-stitching project, and you could be worried about your finished product being damaged. After all, you do have to worry about it getting dirty or stained. You also have to worry about the cross stitching coming unravelled if someone handles it roughly. After putting in so much hard work to make a nice finished product, the last thing that you probably want is for your art to be damaged in any way. If you have it properly framed, then you can help protect it from getting dusty and dirty, you can prevent it from being mishandled, and more. Therefore, you can enjoy your art for a long time to come.

Show It Off

After working hard to sharpen your needlework skills, choosing the right pattern or design, picking thread and other materials in the right colours, and more, you might have completed a project that ended up looking really nice. Now, you might want to show off your hard work to your guests. Plus, you might feel that your art will be a nice addition to your home decor. If you properly frame your needlework, you can hang it up and show it off to the world, all while adding a nice touch of decor to your home.

Give It as a Gift

Lastly, many people underestimate just how well-appreciated homemade gifts are. However, giving gifts that you have made to your friends and family members can be a great idea around the holidays, on birthdays, and more. You can feel even better about gifting your homemade gifts if you have them professionally framed.

Sell It

You might do needleworking as a hobby, and you might have never really thought about making money from it. However, there is a demand out there for homemade items, and you might find that you can successfully sell your needlework art. If you frame it, you might find that it's even more appealing for potential buyers and that it might sell for a higher price, too.

Reach out to a needlework framing professional for more advice and guidance.